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News from Dream Africa association (Nantes, France):

02/19/2020 : Meeting of the members of the association concerning the new goals of this new year for the association (events, fundraising, etc).

01/30/2020 : Pastry sales held at the University of Nantes in the halls of the Faculty of Applied Foreign Languages and Law, with the aim of raising funds to send our books and school supplies to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

01/28/2020 : Meeting of the members of the association. The topic of the day was the searching of sponsors.

01//22/2020 : Our goal is reached, more than 1000 books have been collected. Nevertheless, there is still a lack of school supplies so do not hesitate to contact us if you have some to donate.

01/19/2020 : Meeting of the members of the association working at the level of social networks.